Often, when a new product comes onto the market, it is only made available in a limited way. For instance, a high price makes it exclusive or it has to be used by a professional owing to its complexity. Eventually, the gizmo in question comes down in price substantially and is also made for use by the average person. This is the case with the portable table top steamer for customers who care for their hair at home.

At first, steamers were only for salons. They replaced the heavier, noisier hoods which merely dried hair. As hair experts put it, a hair steamer makes hair feel better and promotes overall follicle health. Steam opens pores in the scalp so that they can be cleaned out while also allowing hair to grow at its best.

Stylists and home beauty experts say this electrical appliance is easy to use. There are a few caveats for the first-time user, but mostly this is simpler than going to a salon if you want to condition your hair regularly.

Be sure to buy a machine that will cope with what you expect it to do. One thing to be aware of is that a portable table top steamer can deliver the same results as a professional salon steamer. Although they both deliver the same results, you should probably expect the commercial-style steamer to cost more. You need a machine that can be set for multiple users, with an angled head to accommodate tall or short customers in your home (unless you own a salon chair that can be moved to the correct height).

Also, it takes a few minutes for water to turn into steam, so have patience. Read a book. Watch the TV. What you might notice right away is how quiet these steamers are, unlike the old-fashioned ones that made you feel like you were inside an echoing cave.

For a deep conditioning hair treatment, work conditioner into your scalp before you put your head under a spacious dome. You do not need to wear a cap, but a headband would be a good idea. According to some users, the conditioner could drip into your ears and onto clothing. Wear a towel around your neck or a housecoat to prevent conditioner from dripping onto clothes or down your back.

The result, according to consumers, is a softer feel to locks which were just ho hum or even dry and frizzy. Another benefit can be a healthier scalp overall. Think about the health benefits of steam for opening airways and pores of the face. Steam can also be used to cleanse pores which clog and form acne in the scalp or other irritating conditions.

Salon professionals often use steamers not just to perform a deep conditioning hair treatment on themselves or customers but also to color hair. If you plan to do this with your portable table top steamer, check the directions and warnings. Get some advice. Carefully read warnings on the packet of hair color you will use.